Enrolments and Enrolment Zone Information

Dear Parents / Caregivers and Whanau,

Welcome to Clifton Terrace School.  We’re looking forward to having your child as part of our school community. At our school, we have a real commitment to your child’s academic and social well-being.  Our focus is on high-quality teaching in a safe and fun environment. This, along with our ability to incorporate our stunning environment into a stimulating curriculum, makes us confident that your child will thrive here.

If your child is just about to start school as a new entrant, you may have completed or are in the process of completing the Head Start to School Programme. We hope that you have found this useful and that your child is ready for his or her first day. See more about Headstart below.

Please contact the office for the full enrolment pack. To complete documentation, a birth certificate and immunisation form need to be provided. The immunisation form can be obtained by your doctor.

If at any time, you have any questions regarding the school or your child’s enrolment, please feel free to contact me.

Again, we look forward to having you and your family here at Clifton Terrace School!

Kind regards,
Rob Wemyss
Principal of Clifton Terrace School

Headstart Programme

What does it involve?

The programme involves you and your child visiting the school on a Wednesday afternoon for 5 weeks prior to your child starting school.

Your child will work with the classroom teacher, becoming familiar with the classroom, the school environment and school routines. Each week they will do a different activity to expose them to school life. Walks around the school to establish rules and boundaries also take place. Each week’s session finishes off in the library with your child taking a book home.

Most of your time is spent with Rob Wemyss, our principal, discussing different issues over a cup of coffee. For several sessions, we bring in experts to talk to you about areas such as numeracy, and literacy, a board member, the health nurse a nutritionist and a home and school representative are invited in.

How does it benefit you and your child?

As a parent, you will gain confidence and knowledge to be able to leave your child when they start school knowing what school is all about. You will have built up relationships with the teacher, the principal and other parents. Your child will also have this confidence to start school. Tears and leg hugging are a thing of the past!

The teacher will know your child well, both socially and academically, and will be able to begin a meaningful programme from day one.

Clifton Terrace Enrolment Home Zone

All students who live within the home zone described below and shown on the map shall be entitled to enrol at the school.

The start of the Clifton Terrace zone begins at the Glen. The coast defines the boundary to the south until the intersection of State Highway 6 and Atawhai Dr. The boundary continues along Atawhai Dr until it meets with Iwa Road. The boundary then continues up the hillside eventually linking back at the Glen. People living within that catchment are eligible to enrol at CTS.

Proof of residence within the home zone will be required.

Each year, applications for enrolment in the following year from in-zone students will be sought by a date which will be published in a daily or community newspaper circulating in the area served by the school. This will enable the board to assess the number of places which can be made available to students who live outside the home zone.

Out of Zone Enrolments

Each year the board will determine the number of places which are likely to be available in the following year for the enrolment of students who live outside the home zone.

The board will publish this information by notice in a daily or community newspaper circulating in the area served by the school. The notice will indicate how applications are to be made and will specify a date by which all applications must be received.