Frequently Asked Questions

Absence Procedure

Absence notification and reason is very important. All children who are absent will be checked on if the office is not notified. This is for your child’s safety.
If your child is late to school, please let the office staff know as soon as they arrive.

The following are ways you are able to contact the school with absences:


Although every reasonable precaution is exercised, accidents do happen. Minor ones receive first-aid treatment from the teacher on duty or office staff. In all cases of head injury, suspected bone injury, bad cuts, etc. the parent is notified immediately and the necessary medical attention is sought.

All accidents at the school are investigated, recorded and if serious enough, reported to the Board of Trustees.

After School Play

Unless arrangements have been made by parents, children should report home after school before going to a friend’s house to play. It is helpful if the school is notified of after school arrangements.

For safety reasons, no child is permitted to make other arrangements after arrival at school.

Bank Account Details

If you are making online payments please ensure the following:

Clifton Terrace School BOT

ASB Nelson Branch 12-3165-0403215-00

Particulars states your child’s name

Reference states what the payment is for

If you would like further information regarding payments please contact


Three buses, operated by the Nelson Suburban Coachlines, convey children to school from town, Atawhai Crescent and The Glen. Each bus has Year 6 children appointed as monitors to ensure that behaviour both on the bus and while waiting at the bus stop in the mornings, is of the highest standard. Any irregularities in behaviour are reported to the bus controller, Mrs Meghan Jamieson.

There is a fee to use the bus for those children who are deemed ineligible. Office staff can help you with this.

If children wish to travel to town, or on another bus, a note is required to be sent to the office. (Bus times are available from the school office.) Parents should wait at the bus stop with children where possible.

Cohort Entry

At the beginning of 2020, the school formally adopted Cohort Entry. Cohort Entry enables groups of new entrant children to begin school together. Starting dates are therefore limited to the first day of each term and usually the first day of week 6 in each term. This is only for new entrant children and does not apply to other children starting school.


All concerns should be referred to the class teacher first. If not resolved, parents should talk to the senior staff member in that syndicate. In the unusual event that a problem has not been resolved, please contact the principal who will take any necessary action.

Parents and teachers have the same goal – the best possible education for the children. However, differences in approach, and in ways of attaining these goals can lead to misunderstanding and misinterpretation. Regular discussions between parents and teachers are extremely valuable.

Cycling to School

Parents are urged to ensure that children are not only proficient cyclists but that they also have an adequate understanding of basic road rules before allowing them to ride to school.

The shared pathway from town to Clifton Terrace has made cycling to school much safer. However, children should still take good care on this stretch of cycleway. Cycle helmets are compulsory for all pupils cycling to school.

Dental Therapist

Most children will have been enrolled with the dental therapist before coming to school. If this is not the case, it is important that parents enrol the child for dental treatment. This can be done at the community dental clinic located off site on the corner on Tipahi and Franklin Streets. The telephone number is 5395324.

Education Outside The Classroom

Education outside the classroom (EOTC) opportunities happen regularly throughout the school to support the curriculum. One of the highlights are the Year 5/6 camps.


Enrolment Requirements

Children are entitled to start school on their fifth birthday. Please bring a

copy of their birth certificate or their Passport to verify their date of birth and their immunisation certificate if you have one. These can be requested from your doctor.

Parents / Caregivers will be asked to:

  • Complete formal enrolment with office staff.
  • It is important that special medical needs are notified at this time.
  • Sign the enrolment form.
  • Sign the school Cybersafety Agreement


School Donation

The Parent Donation is just that, a donation. However, it has, over the years, become a very important part of the school finances to assist the school to provide many varied activities to support the curriculum.

Education Outside the Classroom Fee

The Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC) fee covers any performances or costs incurred on trips etc. A ‘running total’ is kept of individuals’ payments.


Our community are most welcome to use the grounds outside of school hours. We believe that the school is a community asset to be shared by all.

Hats and Sunscreen

During Terms 1 and 4, hats are compulsory, as is sunscreen for all outdoor activities. Children who forget to bring their hat to school are asked to play in the shade.

Headstart to School

Headstart to School is our transition to school programme for our new entrant children.

Headstart is run over the 5 weeks leading up to your child starting school. On Wednesday afternoon, 1.55 – 2.55, families bring their child to school to work with the teacher they are to begin school with and with other children who are going to be starting school at approximately the same time.

Children work with the teacher to understand how school ‘works’ and to prepare in general for this change. The parents meet with the principal to discuss a range of subjects like numeracy, literacy, the curriculum in general, nutrition and a number of other subjects that may be of concern to them as new school parents. Parents and children who have been through the programme talk about the seamless transition to school which is vital for a healthy home/school partnership.


Homework is a very good link between home and school and should be an enjoyable experience for all involved. Our policy at Clifton Terrace is that homework be purposeful but be generally limited to literacy and numeracy areas. As a school, we know that children work hard during the day and in order to get a healthy balance, we hope that children will have the opportunity and time to be engaged in a variety of interests and pursuits outside of school.


Minor injuries are dealt with at school. In the event of illness, parents will be contacted. If this is not possible, your emergency contact will be notified. Please do not send children to school if they have been sick overnight, or showing signs of sickness.


Jewellery is not part of our school uniform. This includes such items as dangling earrings, coloured fingernails, multi-bangles, etc. It is preferred that pupils do not wear these to school. ‘Studs’ only are permitted. Items of neck-wear are also discouraged.


Our school has an excellent, well-stocked library which has been set up through various government grants and the great efforts of parents, staff and children.

All children may borrow books and magazines from the library, which is open during every morning and lunch hour from 1.15 pm – 1.55 pm. The library is also open before and after school. During this time the library is under the supervision of the school’s librarian. She is ably assisted by Year 6 children.

Lost Property

Lost property is an ongoing problem. Please name all articles of clothing, footwear and swimwear. Lost property is available for inspection in the blue bins in the office foyer.


Children are to bring their own lunch to school. However, at different times options may be

Materials for Use at School

Parents can provide many useful materials, which are often discarded as rubbish at home, for children to use in creative work. Parents through their employment may have access to useful materials which otherwise may be destroyed e.g. paper or cardboard off-cuts, plastic ice-cream containers etc.


Newsletters are published fortnightly on Wednesday. They are sent as a paper copy, through SeeSaw and are on the website. To ensure your newsletter gets to you each fortnight, please ask at the office about how you can connect to these tools.

Parent/Caregiver Helpers

Clifton Terrace School encourages parents to be actively involved in school in many different ways and this participation can take place at various levels. The classroom, sports teams and library are areas where help is particularly appreciated. Contact the classroom teacher for further details.

Playground Supervision

Rostered teachers are on duty from 8.20 am – 3.15 pm.

Children must not be at school prior to 8.20 am for safety reasons.

While children are allowed to use the playground outside these hours, parents are reminded that this is at their child’s own risk.


The school has a wide-ranging set of policies relevant to our school. We use School Docs to continuously develop these policies keeping them up-to-date.

We invite you to visit the site at (note there’s no “www.”). Our username is cliftontce and password expandinghorizons.

Reporting to Parents

Clifton Terrace reports to parents and caregivers regularly and in a number of different ways.

The current format is:

  • Early Term 1 there will be a “meet the teacher’ evening.
  • During Term 1, children’s work is displayed online through a program called SeeSaw.
  • Later in Term 1, parents/caregivers are invited to make a time with the teacher to discuss how their child has settled into the year and their progress.
  • Approximately week 9 of Term 2, there is another opportunity to meet the teacher to discuss progress.
  • During Term 3, we have an “Open Evening”. This is when children can bring their parents/caregivers into school to discuss their learning.
  • Late in Term 4, written reports are issued through SeeSaw.

Between the formal reports, parents are welcome to contact their child’s teacher for information and to discuss their child’s progress. A short informal discussion on minor matters can take place before or after school, but an appointment would be needed to spend more time with the teacher.

School Hours

School starts – 9am

Interval – 11.10 to 11.30

Lunchtime – 1pm to 1.55

School finishes – 2.55pm

School Rules

For the safety of your children there are certain school rules. These are kept to a minimum. Generally, they revolve around “Common Sense.” As a school we use a programme called Positive Behaviour For Learning (PB4L). This provides clarity and consistency for all involved at school.


Throughout the school children have the opportunity to be coached in, and play, various sports. In many cases inter-school competitions are arranged. These activities are often modified versions of the adult games listed, as well as a range of other experiences as time, personnel, and opportunity present themselves.


Minor games involving small balls


Minor large-ball games
Cross country

Parents are sometimes asked to provide transport so that children can benefit from participation in inter-school games with children of their own age group. Assistance with coaching is also appreciated.


Stationery items required by your child are available from the school office. Items can be purchased before school each day or through Kindo online shop. Children in junior classes are issued with a note indicating their stationery requirements.


Sweets and chewing gum are not permitted at school.

School Pool

We have a fantastic pool which is well heated. All children are expected to participate in the swimming programme. They should bring togs and a towel (clearly named) every day during the swimming season which runs from November to March.

When it is necessary for your child to be excused from swimming, please send a note to school explaining the reason why.

A key can be hired for entry to the pool areas during the swimming season.

School Uniform

This is compulsory for all levels of the school. Requirements are available on enrolment.

Hats must be worn during Terms 1 and 4.

Toys and Personal Sports Equipment

It is preferable that toys stay at home. Unfortunately, the school cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage.

Sports gear can be brought from home. We encourage children to be active. Some children like to bring skateboards, scooters and the like to use at break times. Please note helmets and safety gear need to be worn.

Other school sports gear is available during breaks.

School Zoning

Clifton Terrace School is zoned. The zone map can be found on the school website Any child who lives within the zone can attend Clifton Terrace. Families outside of the zone may be able to attend by applying when the school opens the roll. Please contact the school for information regarding out-of-zone enrolments.