We have a wide range of activities to offer your children to encourage diverse learning and development.


We offer a wide range of activities and opportunities to encourage children to explore and discover their talents, develop new skills, and broaden their horizons. From sports and music to camps and drama, our programs are designed to inspire creativity and build up confident young people.

Fun-Day Thursdays

Every Thursday we are lucky enough to have some specialised teachers and helpers come in and take our classes for targeted learning in 4 different learning areas; Art, Music, Science and Gardening.

Each class will get one term with each of the areas.

Sports Available

At CTS we have a great bunch of children who have an amazing ‘give it a go’ attitude towards sport!

Not only is PE & sport taught in classes as part of our curriculum but our amazing sports coordinator Wendy is instrumental in allowing our students to get involved, have a go and compete in many different sporting competitions.

Throughout the school, children have the opportunity to be coached in, and play, various sports. In many cases, inter-school competitions are arranged.

We also have whole school competitive events such as the Triathlon, Cross Country and Syndicate Swimming Sports.

Summer Sports

  • Softball
  • T.Ball
  • Swimming
  • Small Ball Games
  • Cricket
  • Gymnastics
  • Athletics

Winter Sports

  • Netball
  • Rugby
  • Soccer
  • Hockey
  • Large Ball Games
  • Mini-Ball / Basketball
  • Cross Country


Every 2 years our seniors have a camp with an orientation week every alternative year.

This is a great time when we all get to know each other, make new friendships and build great relationships in our classes and across our syndicate.

The camp experience is an important one for all students so that they can build on their independence. This is important especially as it is often the first time some students have been away from home for 3 nights & 4 days and this in itself for some students, can be quite challenging.

Camp also provides a great chance for students to build many skills, including leadership, survival, problem-solving, aquatic, and many more.

The orientation week allows the entire syndicate to get together and complete a range of fun and challenging activities across a week, in school and around Nelson.

Middle Syndicate Camp

Every year the Middle Syndicate has an overnight camp at school.

Our aim for this sleepover is to allow our students to enjoy camping in a safe and friendly environment which can be quite a challenge for some children who have never spent a night away from home.

We also have 2 days packed full of great experiences for students to get involved in that include physical demands, outdoor skills and cooperation. Students will also develop responsibility for personal safety and organisation.


We have a fantastic heated pool. All children are expected to participate in the swimming programme in their classes.

Each class teacher will let you know what days your child will be swimming from November to March.

As swimming is part of our curriculum when it is necessary for your child to be excused from swimming, please send a note to the classroom teacher to explain the reason why.

Midwinter Dip

A FUN event that we have is also a MID-WINTER DIP! This is a great occasion where we challenge ourselves to take a dip in winter! You can even dress up for the occasion!

Everyone is treated to a hot milo afterwards and we encourage parents to join in the fun too!

Summer Pool Key

Over our summer months swimming season, we also allow a key to be hired for entry to the pool areas. If you choose to hire a key you can pop into the office to fill out the form.
There are only a limited number of keys given out so you have to be quick

Chess Club

At CTS we have a huge bunch of students who love playing chess. Our chess club meets each week on a Tuesday during Terms 2 and 3. All students from beginner through to advanced are welcome.

Children can participate in the Chess Power Inter-school competition and depending on results may get the opportunity to play in the Chess Power Nationals. The Chess Power Inter-school competition is usually held at Clifton Terrace, where players compete against other schools in our region.

Chess Club is held in the conservatory outside Rooms 1 and 2 with experienced players helping out the newbies!